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Silly, quirky designs to brighten up the mood

Silly, quirky designs to brighten up the mood

Vayandil is a web designer and artist of the webcomic Realm of Owls. While drawing the weekly comic, there's always time to hatch new funny designs to put you in a good mood – and to support the work on the comic itself!

Manufacturing and delivery of the products is provided by Threadless, so please see links on the bottom of the site if you face any issues with your order or any of the bought items.

Realm of Owls is a webcomic about the history and antics of silly owl people living in a fantasy realm. Click the link to read about puffs, Piffs and pigeons (but mostly owls!) in this whimsical comic strip – updated every Friday!

You can follow Realm of Owls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.